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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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FREE Yoga at McAllister - Family Friendly!
Location: in area next to McAllister dog park
Start Time: 5:45pm to 6:45pm
Every Tuesday at 5:45pm!
My name is Brandie Regalado and I am a registered yoga teacher. I host a free yoga class every Tuesday at 5:45pm in the field to the right of McAllister dog park. It's 100% free just bring a mat, some water and a smile.
The classes are 1 hour long and for all levels but can easily be modified for any level. Children and families are welcome.
The address is a little odd as there is no number part of the address, you can just google McAllister Dog Park, but the address is just Buckhorn Rd, SA, TX 78247. It's the only thing on that road and there is a parking lot right by where we will be. Please reach out to me with any questions:
   *   via email at Brandieleighregalado@gmail.com
   *   or my social media: instagram @yogaontheregs
   *   and a facebook group (just search for yogaontheregs through facebook) where I announce classes
Working on a website but don't have one yet. The classes are free!
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