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District 9 Information
(posted 8-28-17)
At the last meeting of the District 9 Neighborhood Alliance I mentioned my hope to set up a Friends of the Classen-Steubing Park organization to help the City develop plans for the new park, and I mentioned that I would be asking for folks to sign up if they were interested in becoming involved. This is that request. If you are interested in joining the Friends of Classen-Steubing Park, please email me so that I can see how many wish to participate and so that I can create a mailing list to announce meetings and distribute information. I hope to have our first organizational meeting in September. Please email me even though you may have indicated an interest earlier:  adowney@ix.netcom.com

(Posted 8-28-17)

I have been a member of Community Association Institute (CAI) for many years, and for the last six years I have served on the Board of Directors of the San Antonio Chapter. Community Associations Institute (CAI) is a national organization dedicated to fostering vibrant, competent community associations. For more than 30 years, CAI has been the leader in providing education and resources to the volunteer homeowners who govern community associations and the professionals who support them. Our members include community association volunteer leaders, professional managers, community management firms and other professionals and companies that provide products and services to community associations.


At the end of this year I will be term limited off the board. CAI-SA is looking for a Community Association Homeowner Volunteer to take my place. If you are interested let me know:  adowney@ix.netcom.com

January is both a time of new starts and a time of renewals, and in that light, please either join or rejoin the District 9 Neighborhood Alliance. Our membership year corresponds to the calendar year, so click on the below link for a welcome letter as well as an application, and hope to see all of you at our meetings this coming year: 

The September 2017 District 9 Neighborhood Alliance meeting will be held at 7:00PM, Wednesday, September 27th. We will meet at the Stone Oak Methodist Hospital, (Classrooms #1&2), 1139 E. Sonterra Blvd. (just off Hwy 281 in Stone Oak).  This month This month I have asked Bexar County Sheriff, Javier Salazar, to provide a presentation. I have asked the Sheriff to share his thoughts on law enforcement issues affecting Bexar County, and any other topic he would like to discuss that he feels would be of interest to the Alliance. This will be Sheriff Salazar’s first meeting with the Alliance, so it should be a very interesting evening!
  As always, our Councilman has been invited. 
Always feel free to contact Art Downey with any questions  at 210-497-8873.
If you are coming north on Hwy 281, go under Loop 1604 and immediately take the Sonterra Blvd. exit to the right; cross over to the right and follow the signs to Sonterra Blvd.; at the top of the hill take a right on to Sonterra Blvd., proceed through the first traffic light, at the next traffic light you will see the hospital on your right.
If you are coming around Loop 1604 westbound, take the Stone Oak Parkway exit, go north on Stone Oak Parkway and turn right on Sonterra Blvd.; proceed east on Sonterra through the traffic light at Hardy Oak and you will see the hospital on your left. Park as close to the main entrance as possible, go through the main entrance and the classrooms are to your left. We will be in Classroom #1.
Art Downey
President, D9NA

Mr. Downey can be reached at 210-497-8873 should you have any questions regarding these meetings, or have any questions regarding District 9.

(posted 1-26-17)  2017 Bond
For more information regarding the City's Bond Programs (both 2012 & 2017) visit:  http://www.sanantonio.gov/2017Bond
For information on the value of registering your neighborhood with the City, and how to do so, visit:
For the proposed revised City sign ordinance, visit:

(posted 3-27-17)  US281 Construction Information
For information and details regarding US281 Construction, please click on the below:

(7-10-15)     Please see the information below regarding recent legislative changes

HOA/POA Bills Passed by the 84th Texas Legislature
Art Downey, President, Texas Neighborhoods Together (TNT)
The 84th Legislative Session is over! The Senate and House adjourned Monday afternoon, June 1, 2015. With nearly 6,500 bills and resolutions filed during this session, it was determined that no less than 200 of these bills affected community associations either directly or indirectly. Of those bills identified to affect community associations, only eleven became law: House Bills: 745, 939, 1072, 1455, 2489, & 3089; Senate Bills: 862, 864, 1168, 1626, & 1852. I will briefly describe the highlighted bills that will have the greatest impact on our associations. The first three bills are generally positive, while the last two may negatively impact some.
SB 1168 (West) Relating to the operation of certain property owners' associations. This omnibus bill had many provisions; some of the bill’s more important are as follows:
*Allows members to attend open board meetings held by video conferencing using the same technology.
*Allows more flexibility for boards to take day-to-day action outside of a meeting while clarifying that certain important votes (e.g. selling land or adopting a deed restriction) must be taken at an open meeting.
* Provides privacy protection by allowing associations to adopt rules regarding use of secret ballots, and by making clear that any person who tabulates or recounts votes must not disclose to anyone how an individual voted.
*Allows associations more flexibility in offering payment plans. Currently associations cannot offer payment plans for longer than 18 months; the bill removes that restriction.
*Eliminates confusion and grounds for legal dispute by clarifying that Ch. 207 (applicable to homeowner association resale certificates) does not apply to condominiums. The resale certificate provisions applicable to condominiums are already in Chapter 82 of the Property Code.
*Clarifies the manner in which votes may be cast. Although absentee ballots or proxy voting must be allowed, the association may also elect to offer other methods such as online or electronic voting.
SB 862 (Birdwell) Relating to voting methods in a property owners' association election or vote. This bill provides that a property owners' association is not required to provide an owner with more than one voting method so long as an owner may vote by absentee ballot or proxy, unless a dedicatory instrument provides otherwise.
SB 864 (Birdwell) Relating to secret ballots in a property owners' association election or vote. This bill allows a property owners' association to adopt rules to allow voting by secret ballot by members of the association. The association must take measures to reasonably ensure that: (1) a member cannot cast more votes than the member is eligible to cast in an election or vote; and (2) the association counts every vote cast by a member that is eligible to cast a vote.
HB 1455 (King) Relating to procedures required before a condominium association files a suit or initiates an arbitration proceeding for a defect or design claim. (Applicable to Condos.)

HB 1455 greatly restricts a condominium association’s ability to file a construction-defect lawsuit or pursue such a claim through arbitration. It requires condominium associations to fulfill a large number of intricate and rather expensive requirements prior to filing a construction-defect lawsuit or pursuing the claim through arbitration.
HB 2489 (Leach) Relating to the ability of a property owners' association to enforce certain provisions on the lease or rental of real property. This bill negated certain rights of a homeowner and condominium associations to obtain basic lease information from landlords.
The complete text of all these final bills ("Enrolled") may be downloaded from the Texas Legislature's website as Word files, HTML files, or PDF files. Please visit Texas Legislature Online at http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/


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