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About Us
Any completed form can be dropped at, or mailed to, our office at 19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX  78258 (we also have a 24-hour drop box accessible to the right of our building entrance.)  It may also be emailed to jgutierrez@stoneoakpoa.com or mlorente@stoneoakpoa.com. Please do not include the completed form with your assessment payment as payments are mailed directly to our bank lockbox, and not the Management Company office.
Stone Oak POA Boundaries
Below is an aerial map with Stone Oak POA boundaries in yellow.  
For a PDF of our Land Use Plan Map, please click this link:  Stone Oak POA Land Use Plan.pdf
For a PDF of a map showing the different neighborhoods within the Stone Oak POA boundaries, please click HERE.
If you need to confirm a property is within POA boundaries,
please call our office at 210-858-8508.
History of Stone Oak
Stone Oak is comprised of land that was once several ranches and is the product of the vision of a handful of developers. This small group, led by Dan Parnam, saw in the eighties the potential for a planned community. They took a risk, and developed a community of multiple land uses, utilizing the electric tower easements to develop a golf course. This was a creative but not original idea.....to use a golf course and country club to attract builders for subdivisions around/adjacent to the golf course. They designed the community with multiple land uses to allow for community development ultimately to service the onsite bedroom community. The first master plan of Stone Oak was filed in Bexar County in 1985, and the story began then. The first subdivisions were a handful designed with frontage around the golf course, which are now subdivisions of Sonterra: The Gardens, The Greensview, The Midlands, The Fairways and The Woods. 
The roads were laid out, utility lines installed, trunk lines for electrical service ......all the mechanics of building began. Then there was a pause caused by the Savings and Loan Crisis. Stone Oak was not immune, nor was its developers, and much of the land went into receivership of the RTC, the Resolution Trust Corporation of the US Government. So development pretty much stopped from 1989-1992, then slowly started again. During this time there was a change in the composition of the developers of Stone Oak. A new investment group took over. Some of the investors were from out of state.  Richland Properties was the big player that bought the property out of RTC.  They sold lots of property/lots including selling property to the First City group out of which a gentleman named Rick Sheldon, had an interest.  Mr. Sheldon bought out the First City group from Waco and stepped into the position of developer. 
Mr. Sheldon continued the vision of Dan Parnam's group. He had the good fortune to find and hire Buz Buckley who became the Project Manager of Stone Oak until 2008. Development continued under the guidance of this group that always worked to maintain the integrity of the community and enforcement of the master plan. Many thought of Buz as the unofficial "Mayor of Stone Oak".
On Jan. 23, 2008, SOPOA was turned over to the citizens and the first Board of Directors was appointed by the developer, whose vehicle was referred to in the documents as the Project Planning Committee( PPC). Buz Buckley served as Chairman the first year but at the end of 2008, Mr. Buckly retired. Stone Oak POA as well as Sonterra POA had been managed for years by Hill Country Mgmt. Services, owned and controlled by Rick Sheldon. At the end of 2008 HCMS dissolved, with Stone Oak and Sonterra agreeing to self-manage together, since they had both been managed by HCMS, beginning 1/1/2009. New office space was found in the same building and a move into the new office space occurred 9/09. 
Stone Oak and Sonterra share the same office space on Huebner Road but in January of 2013 they dissolved their partnership and now operate as two totally separate entities.
The Mission of the Management Company of Stone Oak is to provide services necessary to enforce the second restated master plan, which is charged with the maintenance and betterment of the community as a whole.
Your Stone Oak POA
If you own property within Stone Oak boundaries- residential or commercial – you pay assessments to the Stone Oak POA.  This also means as a Stone Oak property owner, you are expected to abide by the Stone Oak Master Plan guidelines, and adhere to Stone Oak POA restrictions and policies.  You can find a copy of all Stone Oak governing documents- including By-Laws and policies – under the “Governing Documents” tab of our website. 
As a Stone Oak Commercial Property Owner, which includes free-standing businesses, strip centers, and apartment complexes, your assessments are calculated based on points and square footage in accordance with the Stone Oak By-Laws.  Commercial property assessments are due quarterly (January, April, July, and October.) 
The Stone Oak By-Laws state assessments for each Stone Oak Residential Lot is calculated at 1 point.  Stone Oak Residential Property Owners pay only $116.00 annually, billed in January of each year. 
More detail regarding how assessments are calculated can be found under our “Governing Documents” tab on our website, specifically on page 23 of the “Stone Oak Second Amended Bylaws,” Article XV, Member’s Obligations.
Each residential community within Stone Oak boundaries has its own Homeowners Association (HOA.)  Your HOA takes care of everything within your neighborhood, and the Stone Oak POA takes care of the common areas outside the neighborhood, within the Stone Oak Master Plan established boundaries.
The Stone Oak POA utilizes assessments for the following:
-To ensure architectural guidelines set forth by the Stone Oak Master Plan are upheld
-Maintenance and upkeep of the 11 miles of landscaped medians within Stone Oak boundaries
-Annual projects to beautify the common areas, and keep landscaping to standard
-Projects that assist in conservation efforts, such as the transition from spray irrigation to drip
-Implement and manage other projects or events that benefit Stone Oak Property Owners
The Stone Oak POA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of five residential representatives, five commercial representatives, and a Board-elected Chairman.  Each Director is an individual or entity that is a member of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, and therefore a Stone Oak property owner.  Once elected at the Association Annual Meeting of Members, they serve a two-year term, and may be placed on the ballot at the end of the term for re-election if desired.  (When originally formed, terms were purposely staggered so not all seats would be open for election at the same time.)  Directors are volunteers, are not compensated for their time, and act in accordance with the Governing Documents of the Association.  Many are also involved with POA Committees, such as the Architectural Review Committee, Neighborhood Representatives Committee, Finance Committee, etc.  Directors are required to adhere to all directives as outlined in the Stone Oak By-Laws and Policies.
We hope this helps you better understand how your POA works for you!  
On Saturday, February 6th, at the San Antonio Community Associations Institute Gala, the Stone Oak Property Owners Association won Mega Community of the Year for 2015! 
Recognition was based on the coordination and planning of water conservation efforts, as well as landscape redesign, while still maintaining the aesthetics of the community, thus setting an example for all property owners.  It also included recognition of the POA community outreach projects that assist in conservation and education, such as the Donation & Dumping Events, Shredding Events, Rain Barrel Workshops, and Arbor Day Events.
This would not have been possible without the continuous hard work of our staff
and many volunteers, especially our Board of Directors. 
Thank you to all who work hard to make our community a great place to live!
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