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Architectural Review Info
Please email any questions regarding ARC submittals
to our ARC Coordinator, Kristina Hock at khock@stoneoakpoa.com.
The Stone Oak Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meets
the First and Third Tuesday of each month.
All Submittals must be received in the POA office by noon the Friday 
prior to the Tuesday meeting to be considered for review.
Questions about submittals can be emailed through the "Contact Us" link
on the left side of the this page.
Please note:  Residential properties within the POA boundaries should contact
their neighborhood HOA in regards to any property improvements. Click on "Neighborhoods of Stone Oak" on the left side menu for HOA contact info. 
In addition, please note submittal to the ARC does not
take place of any City of San Antonio required approvals.

Conceptual Submittals:
Are you considering purchasing a piece of commercial property within Stone Oak, and want to know if your potential project would be allowed prior to making your purchase?  You can submit an Application for Conceptual Review, along with project information, to the ARC for review.  There is no fee associated with a conceptual review.  Please contact our office with any questions. 
Please print and complete the following form: Application for Conceptual Review.pdf
It is important to note as we are a Property Owners Association, we are required to correspond with the current property owner regarding any ARC decisions.  They, or their representative, must sign the second page.

New Construction:
All new construction must be submitted to the ARC for review.  Construction CANNOT take place until the review is completed, and written final approval is received.  There is a fee associated with the new construction review process.  Please contact our office with any questions.
We look forward to having you as part of the Stone Oak community!
*Please Note: New Construction projects may take weeks or months before the ARC provides in final decision

General Improvements (painting, awnings, additions, etc)/Special Events:
If you wish to renovate, paint, build an extension, add awnings, change any exterior features, etc., you must complete the below General Improvement Application, and submit it to the Committee for review and approval.  You will also need to include a site plan of the property with the location of the improvement clearly indicated, a description of what is proposed, and any material details (paint color, stone sample, etc.).  For General Improvements, we recommend you provide this no less than three weeks prior to scheduling your project to ensure all the appropriate approvals are obtained.  Please note this does not take place of any City of San Antonio requirements.  You would need to contact the City at 3-1-1 to determine any additional requirements such as permitting, etc., that you may need from them.
This same application would apply to any special events you may wish to host on your property- pumpkin patches, festivals, etc.   For such events, please include a copy of your property site plan with clear indications of proposed tents/booths, dates, and details.  And remember- ALL signage must be submitted.  (Please also note, no amplified exterior music or noise is permitted within Stone Oak.)
There is no fee associated with a General Improvement submittal.

One of the reasons your Stone Oak community looks different from other communities within San Antonio is the result of the Stone Oak Sign Policy.  All signs within Stone Oak boundaries must meet policy guidelines, are required to be professionally made, and must first be approved by the Stone Oak POA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) - this includes business signs, wall signs, monument signs, neighborhood entry monuments, and even community garage sale signs.  Signage placed without prior approval is subject to removal with no prior warning.  Out of concern for turf drip irrigation, no signs are ever approved for placement within medians, and will be removed with no advance warning.  You can read the Stone Oak Sign Policy, and the Stone Oak Sign Removal Policy,  under the “Governing Documents” tab.
ALL SIGNAGE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO, AND APPROVED BY, THE COMMITTEE PRIOR TO DISPLAY.  Any signage placed without approval is considered "bandit signage," and is subject to removal.  In addition, the violation places the property on which the unapproved sign is sitting in violation, and subject to fines and attorney fees.  So please, make sure any signage intended for exterior display is submitted for approval in a timely manner.
ALL signs are required to be professionally made.  Banners, wall signs, exterior window clings, and any other signage should be submitted to the Committee on the following form.  You will need to provide a site plan with the proposed sign location clearly indicated, and a  color mock-up of the sign from your sign company that indicates dimensions, colors, etc.
There is no fee associated with a Sign Submittal.

A Special Note Regarding Open House Signage:
Of special note if you are having an open house - ONE professionally made real estate open house sign, in a metal frame, is permitted next to the monument at the entrance of the neighborhood during the open house hours.  No Stone Oak ARC approval is needed for this one real estate sign.  However, please note no balloons, streamers, human signage, or directional signs are permitted.  (Any signage within the neighborhood is subject to that HOA's guidelines, so check with your HOA regarding those.)   To prevent the frustration of missing signs, please ensure your realtor is aware of this policy if your home is scheduled for an open house.

Garage Sale Signs:
Again, all signage within Stone Oak is required to be professionally made, and submitted to the ARC.  Written approval must be received prior to display, or the sign is subject to removal with no advance warning- and the property owner of the property on which the sign is placed is considered in violation, and therefore subject to possible fines and attorney fees.
Garage sale signs placed outside neighborhoods are required to be submitted to the ARC.  This includes annual neighborhood garage sale signage.  You will need to check with your neighborhood HOA regarding placement within the neighborhood as each neighborhood has its own policy.  
Please contact our office at 210-858-8508 with any further questions.
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