Board of Directors
2024-2026 Stone Oak POA Board of Directors  (posted 3/28/24)
Per the governing documents of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, the Annual Meeting of Members was held Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 7:00PM at the Club at Sonterra.  A Call for Candidates was posted weeks prior to the meeting.  At the meeting three residential and three commercial seats were filled.  
Congratulations to our 2024-2025 Directors, and thank you for serving the Stone Oak Community!
   -  Greg Barnes, from Mesa Grande
   -  Viki Melton, from Big Springs
   -  Joe Silman, from Champions Ridge
   -  JPMorganChase, appointed representative Emmy Tamez
   -  NC Baptist Hospital, appointed representative Adam Gibbs
   -  RICHKA, appointed representative Jill Williamson
2024 Stone Oak POA Annual Meeting of Members  (posted 3/6/24)
Per the governing documents of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, there will be an Annual Meeting of the membership at 7:00PM on Wednesday, March 27, 2024.  The meeting will take place at the Club at Sonterra, 901 E. Sonterra Blvd.  At the meeting, three Stone Oak commercial property owners and three Stone Oak residential property owners will be elected to the Board, each to serve for a two-year term.  On 2/2/24, a Call for Candidates was placed in the Stone Oak POA newsletter, and posted on the Stone Oak POA website at  Information regarding the meeting, including a proxy form, was mailed to all Stone Oak Property Owners in early March.  Results will be publicized in the Stone Oak POA newsletter, and on the website.
If attending the meeting, we ask that you please arrive no later than 6:45PM to ensure time to sign-in prior to the meeting start time of 7:00PM.  Please bring a photo ID.
Below are the Candidate Profiles for your 2024 Candidates, in random order within each category:
Joe Silman (Residential Candidate, from the Champions Ridge Subdivision)
Mr. Silman has lived in Stone Oak for 20 years.  He originally participated in the mission of the Stone Oak POA by serving on the Stone Oak Advisory Board.  He was appointed to the Stone Oak Board of Directors when property owners assumed responsibility and has had leadership roles within the Association since 2007.  His tenure as a Board member provides valuable historical knowledge and perspective to the Board and staff when decisions are under consideration.  His objective is to continue to ensure that the standards set forth in the Stone Oak Master Plan are followed.  Mr. Silman previously served as the President of the Champions Ridge HOA, and currently serves in the Treasurer position.  He is also a member of the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors.  Mr. Silman has been a long-standing member of the Stone Oak POA Aesthetics Committee, which oversees the landscaping and care of the often admired Stone Oak medians, and has worked to see that water conservation is at the forefront.  He is a member of the Finance Committee, bringing the benefits of his financial background to that Committee.  In the past he has also served as Chairman of the Board, and most recently is serving as POA Board President.  Mr. Silman has the experience and continued interest in ensuring Stone Oak remains a special community.  
Viki Melton (Residential Candidate, from the Big Springs Subdivision)
Passionate about the Stone Oak community, Ms. Melton, a dedicated realtor, has been an advocate for its residents for over 16 years. Recognizing the importance of safeguarding property values, she joined the Board to champion the interests not only of herself but of all current and prospective property owners in Stone Oak.  Currently holding a prominent position as President of the Big Springs HOA and serving as the Chairman of the Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Representative Committee (NRC), Ms. Melton plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap between the POA and various community HOAs. Her commitment is evident in maintaining open communication with all Representatives, ensuring that concerns are promptly addressed and disseminated to their respective communities.  The NRC, under Ms. Melton's guidance, actively contributes valuable suggestions to the POA on utilizing funds for the overall benefit of the community, exemplified by successful projects such as the playground cover in Stone Oak Park. Collaborating closely with SAPD SAFFE Officers, the Bexar County Sheriff's Office, and participating in various District 9 Committees, Ms. Melton demonstrates a comprehensive approach to community engagement.  Ms. Melton's unwavering efforts aim to preserve Stone Oak as a highly sought-after community in San Antonio. With a keen focus on collaboration, communication, and advocacy, she continues to bring strength to the area and enhance the experience for all property owners.
Greg Barnes (Residential Candidate, from the Mesa Grande Subdivision)
A Stone Oak resident for 7 years, Mr. Barnes has served on the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors since 2018.  Employed at a local credit union, with years of business and leadership experience working in the world of finance, he brings his expertise to the table not only as a Director but also as a member of the Finance Committee.  His experience with multi-million dollar budgets, complex organizations, and leadership roles is a benefit to the Stone Oak POA.  He wishes to continue his work on the Board to preserve the beauty of Stone Oak, protect property values, improve landscaping, trees, water management, and ensure dues are kept affordable and used wisely, ensuring fair and efficient management.  Before he served the Stone Oak community, he served as Board President for 5 years at a POA in Henderson, Nevada (Green Valley) representing 1,400 homes.  In that position, he helped fight school overcrowding and developers trying to develop outside the scope of set community rules and restrictions.  Mr. Barnes sees it as his responsibility to give back to his community by volunteering to ensure Stone Oak remains a great place to live, work, and worship.
JPMorganChase  (Commercial Candidate, Appointed Representative:  Emmy Tamez)
JPMorganChase is one of the largest employers in the Stone Oak area.  Their appointed representative, Mrs. Tamez, was raised in San Antonio, and has been employed in the Stone Oak area for over 18 years.  She holds a Bachelor and Masters Degrees from St. Mary’s University, with over 22 years’ of comprehensive, strategic experience in all facets of Human Resources.  She has worked in the financial industry for the past 11 years, and also worked over a decade as an HR Executive for a multi-billion dollar retail company.  For the past four years, Mrs. Tamez has served as the Finance Committee Chairwoman, leveraging expertise in both HR and financial services to advance the interests of the Stone Oak Community.  She is the HR Executive Sponsor of the PRIDE Business Resource Group at JPMorganChase, an active member of the Women On the Move Business Resource Group, and was recently named the San Antonio Market Co-Head.  She regularly volunteers in events benefiting the community.  Mrs. Tamez takes great pride in her work within the area and is delighted by JPMC's significant presence in the community, providing abundant opportunities to demonstrate the company's commitment to property and business owners alike.   
RICHKA   (Commercial Candidate, Appointed Representative:  Jill Williamson)
In addition to being RICHKA’s appointed representative, Ms. Williamson has lived in the Stone Oak area for over 30 years.  She has served on the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors since February 2023.  In addition to her attention to detail, and interest in her community, her background and experience in the financial and legal fields have prepared her to be an effective problem-solver.  Ms. Williamson states it is her goal to be a good custodian of the Stone Oak community by being knowledgeable of the Stone Oak governing documents, and ensuring they are enforced fairly for the community’s benefit.  Ms. Williams has served on her Estates of Champions Run ARC, and is the HOA’s representative on the Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Representatives Committee.  She is also a member of the District 9 Neighborhood Alliance.  She takes pride in the Stone Oak community and would like to continue to be involved with advancing Stone Oak’s vision for the future.   
North Central Baptist Hospital  (Commercial Candidate, Appointed Representative:  Adam Gibbs)
North Central Baptist Hospital is another of our Stone Oak community’s largest employers.  Their appointed representative, Mr. Gibbs, currently serves as their Associate Chief Operating Officer.  He holds a MPA and Paramedic Licensure through the Texas Department of State Health Services. Along with post graduate education, he holds several Texas Commission on Fire Protection advanced certifications and has received continuing education through various emergency management and public administrative leadership courses.  Prior to his current role at North Central Baptist Hospital, Mr. Gibbs served the Baptist Health System as Service Line Administrator for Emergency Services and Network Operations supporting 6 acute care hospitals, 8 microhospitals, and the Texas Tenet Transfer Center. Prior to joining BHS, he served in the Fire Department as a Lieutenant/Paramedic for 14 years and taught future fighters at the San Antonio College Regional Fire Academy. During his tenure as a firefighter, he also held is Texas Real Estate License so he understands the vital role of Property Owners Association’s that help uphold the integrity of communities by setting standards and maintaining trust throughout the community. He brings valued leadership experience to the Board, and will serve the Stone Oak property owners with the intent to ensure the standards set forth in the Stone Oak governing documents. 
MaxJen Holdings, LLC  (Commercial Candidate, Appointed Representative:  Thomas Jeneby)
Dr. Jeneby owns three commercial properties within Stone Oak POA boundaries.  He states his experience working as a CEO of 12 businesses, including expertise with budgets, conflict resolution, cost savings/modernization, and commercial property ownership will be an asset to the Stone Oak Board and community.  He has past experience with multiple business Boards and is active in his personal condos’ association Boards’ meetings.  He has also served as a consultant to three Boards regarding conflict management, ombudsman, and providing fresh ideas.  He would like an opportunity to bring a fresh perspective to the Stone Oak community.
Call for Candidates  (posted 2/2/24)
Per the governing documents of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, there will be an Annual Meeting of the membership on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 7:00PM.  This meeting will be held at the Club at Sonterra, 901 E. Sonterra Blvd.  At the meeting, three Stone Oak commercial property owners and three Stone Oak residential property owners will be elected to the Board, each to serve for a two-year term.
If you are a Stone Oak property owner interested in serving on the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors, please click HERE to print our 2024 Candidate Form.  Completed forms can be emailed to, or mailed to the POA office at 19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX 78258.  There is also a dropbox just outside the building entrance.  
The deadline for submitting your information to the POA office is close of business (5:00PM) February 21, 2024.  Once received, a member of the Nominating Committee will reach out to you.  Information regarding the 2024 Stone Oak POA Annual Meeting of Members, including the names of all candidates, will be mailed to all Stone Oak Property Owners in early March.
Thank you for taking an interest in serving your Stone Oak POA community!
The Stone Oak Board of Directors consists of five residential representatives, five commercial representatives, and a Board-elected Chairman.  A Director on the Board must be an individual or entity that is a member of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association (SOPOA), therefore a Stone Oak property owner. Directors are volunteers, are not compensated for their time, and act in accordance with the Governing Documents of the Association.  Many also serve on various Committees, and attend city-wide meetings as a representative of Stone Oak.  Their dedication and time spent each month serving the Stone Oak community is truly appreciated, and a benefit to all Stone Oak residents and businesses.
Stone Oak Board Meetings are held at 3:30PM the third Wednesday of each month (unless holidays dictate otherwise) in the POA office at 19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100.  
In accordance with the Stone Oak POA Policy for Open Board Meetings, if a Stone Oak property owner plans on attending the meeting to discuss a particular matter, a written advance notification must be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance.  An email may be sent to  Please state your name, Stone Oak property address, intent to attend, and clearly identify the topic to be presented.  Please note members will be limited to 3 minutes.



Art Downey, Jr., Chairman of the Board

Joe Silman, President
(Term expires 2026)
John Kiser, Vice President
(Term expires 2025)
Viki Melton, Secretary
(Term expires 2026)

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Emmy Tamez, Treasurer
(Term expires 2026)     
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Scott Sowards
(Term exp 2025)
Sharon Meyer
(Term expires 2025)
North Central Baptist Hospital
Adam Gibbs
(Term expires 2026)
Greg Barnes
(Term expires 2026)
Stone Oak 17 (TX) LLC
Ted Turner
(Term expires 2025)
Jill Williamson, appointee
(Term expires 2026)

Stone Oak POA Committees
Aesthetics Committee
            John Kiser ~ Chairman
                        Joe Silman
                        Property Manager
                        Maintenance Supervisor
                        Grounds Maintenance Contract Vendor
                        Certified Arborist Vendor                       
Architectural Review Committee
            Rick Rawley ~ Chairman
                        Jim Cox
                        Stephanie Dullea
                        Gina Guereca
                        Lisa Tkatchuk
                        ARC Coordinator
                        Property Manager
Finance Committee
             Emmy Tamez- Chairman
                        Greg Barnes
                        Rick Rawley
                        Joe Silman
                        Mike Thurman
                        Property Manager
                        Accounting Manager
Neighborhood Representative Committee 
This committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.  We currently have some HOAs with no representation- if you are interested in filling a vacant position, please email
            Viki Melton ~ Chairman
                        Arrowhead Subdivision, Mike Bedwell
                        Big Springs, Monette Fisher       
                        Canyons of Stone Oak, Daryl Johnson
                        Canyon Rim,  David Garza                       
                        Canyon View,  Larry Schou
                        Champions Ridge, Joe Silman
                        Champions Springs, Representative Needed            
                        Champions Village,  Liz Sandoval               
                        Crescent Oaks, Representative Needed                                  
                        Crescent Ridge,  Kristin Carey
                        Echo Canyon, Darlene Minea                  
                        Estates of Arrowhead, Len Trevino                   
                        Estates of Champions Run, Jill Williamson
                        Heights of Las Lomas, Representative Needed
                        Knights Cross, Richard Sexton
                        Las Lomas, Lisa Tkatchuk                              
                        Mesa Grande, Bert Denson 
                        Mesa Verde, Representative Needed 
                        Mesa Vista, Lisa Tesitor   
                        Mt Arrowhead, Yolanda Adams               
                        Ridge of Stone Oak, Michelle Collie              
                        Saddle Mountain, Representative Needed                  
                        Seventh at Sonterra, Debbie Bertram             
                        SOCOMA HOA, Al Crouch                                 
                        Sonterra, Carolyn Miller                                
                        The Springs at Stone Oak, David Contreras
                        Stone Mountain HOA, Tom Boney                    
                        The Summit, Thomas Trbovich 
                        Villages of Stone Oak, Representative Needed           

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