Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes
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The completed form can be dropped at, or mailed to, our office at 19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX  78258 (we also have a 24-hour drop box accessible to the right of our building entrance.)  It may also be emailed to  Please do not include the completed form with your assessment payment as payments are mailed directly to our bank lockbox, and not the Management Company office.
Even if you have supplied your email to our office, or have registered for our website, we are still required to ask you complete the form- it is giving us permission to email you the agenda each month, as well as any agendas for any special Board meetings that may be called.  The agenda would be emailed to you the same day it is posted to the website
Stone Oak Board Meetings are held at 3:30PM the third Wednesday of each month (unless holidays dictate otherwise) in the POA office at 19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100.  
In accordance with the Stone Oak POA Policy for Open Board Meetings, if a Stone Oak property owner plans on attending the meeting to discuss a particular matter, a written advance notification must be received a minimum of 48 hours in advance.  An email may be sent to  Please state your name, Stone Oak property address, intent to attend, and clearly identify the topic to be presented.  Please note members will be limited to 3 minutes.
5/15/2024- Board Meeting 
Topic: SOPOA - Board of Directors Meeting
Time: May 15, 2024 03:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 891 6613 6978
Passcode: 779460
04/17/2024- Board Meeting
Topic: SOPOA - Board of Directors Meeting 
Time: Apr 17, 2024 03:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 849 4957 8834
Passcode: 338799
03/20/2024- Board Meeting
Topic: SOPOA- Board of Directors Meeting
Time: Mar 20, 2024, 03:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 853 0019 7549
Passcode: 128801
02/21/2024- Board Meeting 
Topic: SOPOA- Board of Directors Meeting
Time: Feb 21, 2024 03:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 823 5457 2307
Passcode: 760511
01/17/2024 Board Meeting
Topic: SOPOA- Board of Directors Meeting
Time: Jan 17, 2024 03:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
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Meeting ID: 896 3996 3818
Passcode: 378621

(please note:  previous month's meeting minutes are approved at the monthly Board meeting - we require two Board member signatures on the approved minutes prior to posting.  As Board members are volunteers, they sometimes cannot attend the meeting, and we must wait to obtain the proper, original signatures on previously approved minutes.  Once these are obtained, we will post any missing, approved minutes.  Please contact with any questions.)
Stone Oak 3-17-21 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 3-17-21 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 2-24-21 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 2-24-21 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 1-20-21 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 1-20-21 Agenda.pdf
SOPOA Jan - Dec 2020 Minutes-Approved and Signed.pdf
1-22-2020 Annual Meeting Min.pdf
Stone Oak 1-20-2021 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 12-16-20 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 12-16-20 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 11-18-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 11-18-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 10-21-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 10-21-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 9-16-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 9-16-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 8-19-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 8-19-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 7-15-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 7-15-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 6-17-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 6-17-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 5-20-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 5-20-2020 Agenda.docx
Stone Oak 2-19-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 2-19-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 1-15-2020 Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 1-15-2020 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 12-18-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 11-20-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 10-16-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 9-18-19 Agenda.pdf
 Stone Oak 8-21-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 7-17-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 6-19-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 5-15-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 4-17-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 3-20-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 1-25-17 Annual MeetingMinSigned.pdf
Stone Oak 1-16-19 Min Signed.pdf
Stone Oak 2-20-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 1-16-19 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 12-19-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 11-28-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 10-17-18  Agenda pdf
Stone Oak 9-19-18 Agenda.pdf
July 18, 2018 Signed BOD Min.pdf
Stone Oak BOD 8-15-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak BOD 7-18-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak BOD 6-20-18 Agenda.pdf
4-18-18 Signed Stone Oak BOD Min.pdf
Stone Oak 4-18-18 Signed Meeting Min.pdf
Stone Oak BOD 2017-4/2018 Signed Meeting Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 4-18-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 3-21-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 2-21-18 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 1-17-18 Agenda.pdf
12-20-17 Signed Minutes.pdf
Stone Oak 12-20-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 11-15-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 10-18-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 9-20-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 8-16-17 Agenda.pdf
7-19-17 Signed Min.pdf
7-19-17 Stone Oak POA Board Meeting Agenda.pdf
6-21-17 Signed Min.pdf
5-17-17 Signed Min.pdf
4-19-17 Sined Min.pdf
Stone Oak 7-19-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 6-21-17 Agenda.pdf
Stone Oak 3-17-17 Agenda.pdf
3-15-17 Signed Min.pdf
2-15-17 Signed Min.pdf
Stone Oak 4-19-17 Agenda.pdf