Sign Submittals

One of the reasons your Stone Oak community looks different from other communities within San Antonio is the result of the strict Stone Oak Sign Policy.  Anything that is placed to attract attention to a business/property is considered a sign.
All signs within Stone Oak boundaries must adhere to the restrictions outlined in the Sign Policy, are required to be professionally made, and must first be approved in writing by the Stone Oak POA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) - this includes business signs, wall signs, monument signs, neighborhood entry monuments, and even community garage sale signs.  (It should be noted the Stone Oak POA ARC approval is in addition to any required City of San Antonio approvals.)
Signage placed without prior approval is subject to removal with no prior warning.  
Out of concern for turf drip irrigation, no signs are ever approved for placement within medians, and will be removed with no advance warning.  
ALL signs are required to be professionally made.  Banners, wall signs, window/door clings, and any other signage should be submitted to the Committee on the following form.  You will need to provide a site plan with the proposed sign location clearly indicated, and a  color mock-up of the sign from your sign company that indicates dimensions, font sizes, logo sizes, colors, etc.
There is no fee associated with a Sign Submittal.  Please remember, the property owner, or property manager, must sign the second page of the submittal form in order for it to be reviewed.
Again, ALL SIGNAGE MUST BE SUBMITTED TO, AND APPROVED BY, THE COMMITTEE PRIOR TO DISPLAY.  Any signage placed without approval is considered "bandit signage," and is subject to removal.  In addition, the violation places the property on which the unapproved sign is sitting in violation, and subject to fines and attorney fees.  So please, make sure any signage intended for exterior display is submitted for approval in a timely manner.
Please contact our ARC Coordinator, Kristina Hock, at 210-858-8508, or, for submittal assistance, or with any questions.  We are here to help!
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