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Board of Directors
SOPOA Board of Directors, left to right:  John Kiser, Art Downey, Emmy Tamez,
Viki Melton, Association Manager Meg Lorente, Sharon Meyer, Scott Sowards,
and Ken Piland.
Not Pictured:  Greg Barnes, Patrick Meyerpeter, Joe Silman, and Ted Turner
(posted April 8, 2022)
Stone Oak POA 2022-2024 Board of Directors
Per the governing documents of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association, the Annual Meeting of Membership was held virtually on Wednesday, March 30, 2022.  A call for candidates was posted weeks prior to the meeting, and ballots finalized.  Nominations were also accepted from the floor during the meeting as write-in candidates.  At the meeting, three Stone Oak Commercial Property Owners, and three Residential Property Owners were elected to the Board of Directors, each to serve a two-year term. 
The Stone Oak Board of Directors consists of five residential representatives, five commercial representatives, and a Board-elected Chairman.  A Director on the Board must be an individual or entity that is a member of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association (SOPOA), therefore a Stone Oak property owner.  Directors are volunteers, are not compensated for their time, and act in accordance with the Governing Documents of the Association.  Many also serve on various Committees, and attend city-wide meetings as a representative of Stone Oak.  Their dedication and time spent each month serving the Stone Oak community is truly appreciated, and a benefit to all Stone Oak residents and businesses.
Congratulations to our 2022-2024 Directors, and thank you for serving the Stone Oak community!
-          JP Morgan Chase - appointed representative:  Emmy Tamez
-          North Central Baptist Hospital – appointed representative:  Patrick Meyerpeter
-          RICHKA – appointed representative:  Greg Barnes
-          Viki Melton
-          Ken Piland
-          Joe Silman
(2/28/22)   2022 Stone Oak POA Meeting of Members - Candidate Profiles
Commercial Candidates:
JP Morgan Chase – Appointed Representative:  Emmy Tamez
JP Morgan Chase is one of the largest employers in the Stone Oak area.  Their appointed representative, Ms. Tamez, was raised in San Antonio, and has worked in the Stone Oak area for over 15 years.  She holds a Bachelor and Masters Degrees from St. Mary’s University, with over 20 years’ experience in all areas of Human Resources- from general functions to strategy and global operations.  She has been working in the world of finance for the past 9 years, and also worked over a decade as an HR Executive for a multi-billion dollar retail company.  For the past three years, Ms. Tamez has served as the Finance Committee Chairwoman, bringing a combination of knowledge from both HR and financial services to the forefront for the benefit of the Stone Oak Community.  She is the HR Executive Sponsor of the PRIDE Business Resource Group at JP Morgan Chase, as well as an active member of the Women On the Move BRG.  She regularly volunteers in events benefiting the community.  She is proud to work in Stone Oak, and proud that JP Morgan Chase has such a large presence in the community, giving them ample opportunity to prove their vested interest to Stone Oak property owners.
North Central Baptist Hospital – Appointed Representative:  PJ Meyerpeter
North Central Baptist Hospital is another of our Stone Oak community’s largest employers.  Their appointed representative, Mr. Meyerpeter, currently serves as their Administrative Director of Support Services.  He holds a MBA, MHA, and Master of Arts in leadership and management.  Prior to working at North Central Baptist Hospital, Mr. Meyerpeter was a Naval Officer for 23 years, specializing in nuclear engineering.  He also previously served as the Regional Director of Plant Operations at Christus Santa Rosa.  He brings valued leadership experience to the Board, and will serve the Stone Oak property owners with the intent to ensure the standards set forth in the Stone Oak governing documents.
RICHKA – (Richard Coben, Owner) Appointed Representative: Greg Barnes
Mr. Barnes is excited to be appointed by RICHKA as their representative, especially since he and his family call Stone Oak home.  He has worked within community banks and credit unions for more than 20 years and has a strong knowledge of finances and business.  He wishes to apply his experience with multi-million budgets, complex organizations, and leadership, along with his business expertise and past POA Board President experience, to help the Stone Oak community remain the beautiful community we love.  He has noted as a Board member, he would work to preserve the beauty of Stone Oak, protect property values, improve landscaping, trees, and water management, and ensure dues are kept affordable and used wisely, always ensuring fair and efficient management.  Mr. Barnes formerly served as Board President at his former POA in Henderson, Nevada (Green Valley) representing 1,400 homes, where he helped his neighbors fight school overcrowding, as well as developers trying to develop outside the scope of set restrictions.  Mr. Barnes sees it as his responsibility to give back to the community by volunteering to ensure Stone Oak remains a great place to work and live.
Residential Candidates:
Viki Melton
Ms. Melton loves the Stone Oak community.  As she is a realtor, she understands residents’ concerns, and joined the Board years ago to ensure property values were protected – not only for herself, but for all property owners- and potential future Stone Oak property owners.  In addition to her current POA Board seat, she also currently serves as President of the Big Springs HOA, and as the Chairman of the Stone Oak POA Neighborhood Representative Committee (NRC).   The NRC is an integral part of the POA as it serves as the go-between for the POA and the community HOAs.  Ms. Melton keeps in constant contact with all Representatives, and makes them aware of any concerns so they can alert their communities.  This group also works to provide suggestions to the POA as to how funds can be used to benefit the community as a whole- such as the playground cover in Stone Oak Park.  She is also involved with many District 9 Committees and, after being selected from a group of applicants, graduated from the 2019 City of San Antonio Neighborhood Leadership Academy.  It should be noted, working with Councilman Courage, was instrumental in the development of the new “Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site” noise ordinance recently passed by City Council. She has worked hard to ensure Stone Oak remains a much-desired community within San Antonio, and hopes to continue to bring strength to the area and property owners.
Ken Piland
Mr. Piland has lived in the Stone Oak area for 22 years.  He served on the Stone Oak Advisory Board from 2000 to 2007, and has served on the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors since 2008.  He has been the Stone Oak POA Board Secretary since 2009, and the Stone Oak POA Architectural Review Committee Chairman from 2010 - 2021.   In his professional life, Mr. Piland works as a Homeowners Association Manager within San Antonio for 4,100 homes, and is a Certified Manager of Community Associations.  As a long-standing Board member, Mr. Piland works to ensure the Stone Oak Master Plan is upheld, and the Stone Oak community continues to be one of the most desired communities within San Antonio.
Joe Silman
Mr. Silman has lived in Stone Oak for 18 years.  He originally participated in the mission of the Stone Oak POA by serving on the Stone Oak Advisory Board.  He was appointed to the Stone Oak Board of Directors when property owners assumed responsibility and has had leadership roles within the Association since 2007.  His tenure as a Board member provides valuable historical knowledge and perspective to the Board and staff when decisions are under consideration.  His objective is to continue to ensure that the standards set forth in the Stone Oak Master Plan are followed.  Mr. Silman previously served as the President of the Champions Ridge HOA, and currently serves in the Treasurer position.  He is also a member of the Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District Board of Directors.  Mr. Silman has been a long-standing member of the Stone Oak POA Aesthetics Committee, which oversees the landscaping and care of the often admired Stone Oak medians, and has worked to see that water conservation is at the forefront.  He is a member of the Finance Committee, bringing the benefits of his financial background to that Committee.  In the past he has also served as Chairman of the Board, and most recently is serving as POA Board President.  Mr. Silman has the experience and continued interest in ensuring Stone Oak remains a special community. 

The Stone Oak POA held their annual Meeting of Members on March 30, 2022.  This meeting was held virtually.  Elections were held via absentee ballot to elect three residential representatives, and three commercial representatives, to the 2022-2024 Stone Oak POA Board of Directors.  The floor was open to nominations from the floor during the virtual meeting; there were none.  Absentee Ballots were required to be received in the POA office by close of business April 7, 2022.
Election Results - Thank you to our newly elected Board members for the 2022-2024 term:
Viki Melton, residential seat
Ken Piland, residential seat
Joe Silman, residential seat
JP Morgan Chase, Emmy Tamez appointed representative, commercial seat
NC Baptist Hospital - Patrick Meyerpeter appointed representative, commercial seat
RICHKA - Greg Barnes approinted representative, commercial seat

Stone Oak is a Master-Planned Community that includes both residential and commercial properties. The Stone Oak Board of Directors consists of five residential representatives, five commercial representatives, and a Board-elected Chairman.  
A Board Director must be an individual or entity that is a member of the Stone Oak Property Owners Association (SOPOA), therefore a Stone Oak property owner.  Once elected, they serve a two-year term, and may be placed on the ballot at the end of the term for re-election if desired. Directors are volunteers, are not compensated for their time, and act in accordance with the Governing Documents of the Association (which can be found on this website under the "Governing Documents" tab.)  

It is the responsibility of the property owner to notify our office of any mailing address changes.  Please click HERE if you need to make any changes.  Property Owners can reach our Accounting Staff at 210-858-8508 to confirm what address is currently in our files.  

Thank you for taking an interest in serving your Stone Oak community!

Thank you to all our volunteers!



Art Downey, Jr., Chairman of the Board

Joe Silman, President
(Term expires 2024)
John Kiser, Vice President
(Term expires 2023)
Viki Melton, Secretary
(Term expires 2024)

JP Morgan Chase Bank
Emmy Tamez, Treasurer
(Term expires 2024)
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Scott Sowards
(Term exp 2023)
Sharon Meyer
(Term expires 2023)
North Central Baptist Hospital
Patrick Meyerpeter
(Term expires 2024)
Greg Barnes
(Term expires 2024)
Stone Oak 17 (TX) LLC
Ted Turner
(Term expires 2023)
Ken Piland, appointee
(Term expires 2024)
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