How To Order Resale Documents
Selling your Stone Oak property and need a resale package?

Stone Oak POA has partnered with to provide 24/7 document and data delivery services. provides reliable, around-the-clock online access to all governing documents and critical project data for lenders, escrow and title companies, real estate agents and homeowners.


Log on to and select the link to register.  The many system enhancements geared toward an improved user experience include:


  • Order documents by address or association name search
  • Share your order with up to four email addresses
  • Multiple payment methods are offered
  • Hard copy delivery options are available
  • Email and SMS text completion notices for users
  • Rush order requests
  • Track your order online with order confirmation number


Sign up is quick and easy, and you can begin using the system immediately.  Their professional staff is available for any questions you may have toll free at 866-925-5004, or, once signed in to HomeWiseDocs, you can utilize the technical support chat feature on the upper right portion of the HomeWiseDocs screen.



Simply click on this link to get started:



HomeWiseDocs Customer Service:

Call Us at 866.925.5004.

We are available Monday-Friday 6am-5pm PST





How to Place an Order


  1. Create/Login to your account:
      • Go to our homepage
      • Click on the Sign Up tab or enter your Username and Password and login.
      • Click on the Place New Orders tab found directly after logging in.
  1. Find your association: (Please refer to the Search Tips) 
      • Enter the Unit Address or Association Name.
      • Specify the transaction type as either Purchase/Sale or Refinance, and click Continue.  
  2. Select your items:
      • Locate the document(s) you need and select the box to the right.
      • Click continue at the bottom of the page.
  3. Complete your order:
      • Proceed and enter the buyer and seller or current homeowner information; click continue.
      • At the delivery and payment page enter the appropriate information; click continue.
  1. Review and Place Order:
      • Review your order and add/remove items if necessary.
      • Click Place Order. You will receive a confirmation number and an email confirmation as well.


How to Pay For an Order

  • Check/Money Order: 
    • Please make your check payable to, and mail it to 5520 Kietzke Lane, Suite 200, Reno, NV 89511
  • Credit Card***
    • Go to our homepage
    • Click the ‘Pay For Your Order’ tab or click here.
    • Enter the order confirmation number and click Pay.
    • Click the box to agree with the credit card return and refund policy.
    • Enter your credit card information.
    • Click Pay Now.

***Please be advised there is a $7.95 Convenience Fee charged and added to the order total when paying by a credit card.



How do I receive documents once my order is complete?

1.  Go to

2.  Click ‘Track Your Order’ and enter your Order Confirmation number; click Track.

3.  Scroll down the Order Status page and click ‘View Order’.

4.  The documents are listed in blue. You may download them separately. For governing documents only you may click the ‘View ALL Governing Documents’ link.

***Feel free to forward the email notification to all parties within this transaction if needed.


HomeWiseDocs Customer Service:

Call Us at 866.925.5004.

We are available Monday-Friday 6am-5pm PST


Transfer Fees
$125.00 payable to the Stone Oak POA
$40.00 payable to the Management Company of Stone Oak
Statements of Account 
Statements of Account can be obtained from our Accounting Department at no cost, but the request must be made in writing.  Please email  
Credit Balance
If the resale certificate is showing a credit balance for the property, we encourage you to ensure your client is aware of the Stone Oak Credit Balance Policy.


     (send in this completed form only if you want to receive notices of monthly Board meetings)
     (for new property owners)

Owners Information Update Form 
    (for changes of mailing address, etc.)
Please note:  Do NOT include any completed forms with your assessment payment.  Completed forms should be dropped at, or mailed to, our office address:  19210 Huebner Road, Suite 100, San Antonio, TX  78258.  There is also a 24-hour secure dropbox on the right at our building entrance.  Completed forms can also be scanned to
It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the correct contact and mailing information is on file at the Management Office.  Please call our accounting department at 210-858-8508 with any questions.