A Note About Open House Signage
A Special Note Regarding Open House Signage:
Of special note if you are having an open house - ONE professionally made real estate open house sign, in a metal frame, is permitted next to the monument at the entrance of the neighborhood ONLY during the open house hours.  (No generic or hand-written signs are permitted.)  No Stone Oak ARC approval is needed for this one real estate sign.  However, please note no balloons, streamers, human signage, or directional signs are permitted.  (Any signage within the neighborhood is subject to that neighborhood HOA's guidelines, so check with the neighborhood HOA regarding their placement restrictions.)   Any signage placed in main thoroughfare medians will be removed.  To prevent the frustration of missing signs, please ensure your realtor is aware of this policy if your home is scheduled for an open house.  Remember, signs are also subject to the City of San Antonio sign permit guidelines.  Please call 3-1-1 to make inquires of requirements.  As they do throughout the rest of San Antonio, the City's Code Enforcement does drive through Stone Oak and pull signs that do not have the appropriate stickers and permits.