Garage Sale/Estate Sale Signs
Garage Sale Signs/Estate Sale Signs:
In accordance with the Stone Oak Sign Policy, all signage within Stone Oak is required to be professionally made, and submitted to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), prior to display.  Click HERE to read the Stone Oak Sign Policy.
Written approval must be received prior to display, or the sign is subject to removal with no advance warning- and the property owner of the property on which the sign is placed is considered in violation, and therefore subject to possible fines and attorney fees.  Click HERE to read the Stone Oak POA Policy regarding the removal of bandit signs.
Signs are never approved for placement within medians.  Any signs placed on medians will be picked up, and any resulting damage to median drip irrigation will be charged to the sign owner.
Any garage sale signs placed outside neighborhoods are required to be submitted to the ARC. You will need to check with your neighborhood HOA regarding placement within the neighborhood as each neighborhood has its own policy.
Community garage sale signs are also required to be professionally made, and must be submitted to the ARC, and approved, prior to display. 
Also note, any Stone Oak POA approvals do NOT take the place of City of San Antonio approvals.  Please call 311 to find out City of San Antonio requirements.
Please contact our office at 210-858-8508 with any further questions.