Pay Your Assessments Online
Click Here to Pay Your Assessments Online
** Please ensure you are utilizing Google Chrome or Internet Explorer **
1.  Click on the above link
2.  Create a payment portal profile
3.  Enter your Stone Oak POA account number.  This is located on your invoice.
4.  Once your profile is established, you will choose to make a payment
5.  Enter the payment amount you wish to pay
6.  Enter the method of payment
7.  Once your payment has been initiated, you will receive an email confirmation.  That is your receipt.
8.  The payment portal can be used as needed, or you can set up automatic payments
9.  If you wish to set up scheduled payments, log back into the portal and choose to schedule a payment
Please feel free to contact us at or 210-858-8508 if you need your account number or balance information.  
As a reminder, there is a convenience fee associated with making a payment online.  This fee does not go to the Stone Oak POA.  Fees are as follows:
     -  a $2.50 convenience fee for payments made by electronic check
     -  a 2.95% convenience fee for payment made with a credit card
     -  a $5.00 convenience fee for payments made with a debit card