Basic Architectural Review Info
The Stone Oak POA Architectural Review Committee (ARC) is made up of volunteers who live and work within the Stone Oak community.  They are required to make their decisions based on the restrictions and policies set forth in the Stone Oak POA Master Plan, and the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors.
Please email any questions regarding the ARC submittal process to our ARC Coordinator, Kristina Hock at  She can also be reached at 210-858-8508.
The Stone Oak Architectural Review Committee (ARC) meets the first and third Tuesday of each month.
All Submittals must be received in the POA office by noon the Friday prior to the Tuesday meeting
to be considered for review.
Please note: 
     -   Arrowhead HOA residents DO need to submit their exterior projects to the Stone Oak POA  ARC for review and approval. 
If your property is in any other neighborhood, please contact your neighborhood HOA to find out how to submit any property improvements. Click on the "Neighborhoods of Stone Oak" page found under the "Property Owners" tab on this website, to find your HOA contact info. 
    -  Submittal to the Stone Oak POA ARC does not take place of any City of San Antonio required approvals.
     -  Please read through the Stone Oak POA restrictions pertaining to your project prior to submitting.  Ensuring your submitted item meets all restrictions and requirements will assist in a timely response.

How do we determine what can be built where?
The Stone Oak POA is a Master-Planned Community.  Part of that Master Plan is the Stone Oak POA Land Use Plan.  Each piece of property within Stone Oak POA boundaries has a designation as to what it can be utilized for: single-family residential, commercial, multi-family, institutional, or public.  These designations were set in place when Stone Oak was formed.  A designation can only be changed with a super-majority vote by the Stone Oak POA Board of Directors. 
Click HERE to see a map of the Land Use Plan.  You can view a copy of the Stone Oak POA Master Plan HERE.  On pages 9-24 you will see the Table of Permitted Uses.  This will show you what is permitted to be built on each designation.  

Stone Oak POA Sign Policy
Stone Oak POA Policy Regarding Bandit Sign Removal
Stone Oak Stone Oak ARC Policy.pdf
2021 Stone Oak POA Board Hearing Policy.pdf