New Construction Submittals
New Construction:
All new construction must be submitted to the ARC for review.  Construction CANNOT take place until the review is completed, and written final approval is received.  
There is a fee associated with a new construction submittal. The following form explains the fee structure, and what documents are required to be submitted to our office.  This form should be completed, signed by the Property Owner, and submitted to our office along with plans and the submittal fee.  Be sure to include the emails of all persons who you wish to receive project review update communications from our office:
Stone Oak POA - ARC New Construction Submittal Form and Checklist
Please contact our ARC Coordinator, Kristina Hock, in our office with any questions.  She can be reached at 210-858-8508, or 
We look forward to having you as part of the Stone Oak community!
Regarding the submittal review timeline...
As the Committee only meets twice per month, new Construction projects may take weeks or months before the ARC provides a final, written decision.  We encourage all submitters of new construction projects to read through the Stone Oak POA Master Plan found on the "Governing Documents" page of this website, under the "Home" tab. 
Ensuring your project meets all restrictions and requirements will assist with a timely response.