General Improvement Submittals
General Improvements (painting, awnings, additions, etc)/Special Events:
If you wish to renovate, paint, build an extension, add awnings, change any exterior features, etc., you must complete the below General Submittal Form, and submit it to the Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for review and approval.  
You will need to include a site plan of the property with the location of the improvement clearly indicated, a description of what is proposed, and any material details (paint color, stone sample, etc.).  For General Improvements, we recommend you provide this no less than three weeks prior to scheduling your project to ensure all the appropriate approvals are obtained.  Please note this does not take place of any City of San Antonio requirements.  You would need to contact the City at 3-1-1 to determine any additional requirements such as permitting, etc., that you may need from them.
This same application would apply to any special events you may wish to host on your property- pumpkin patches, festivals, etc.   For such events, please include a copy of your property site plan with clear indications of proposed tents/booths, dates, and details.  And remember- ALL signage must also be submitted.  (Please also note, no amplified exterior music or noise is permitted within Stone Oak.)
There is no fee associated with a General Improvement submittal.  Please ensure the property owner, or property manager, sign the second page.
Stone Oak POA - ARC General Submittal Form
This completed form, and all submittal items, should be forwarded to our ARC Coordinator, Kristina Hock, at  Kristina can also be reached at 210-858-8508.  Please contact us with any questions.  We are here to help!